Living On Purpose

Our mission is to elevate your consciousness to become aware of your intrinsic value. Through an array of delightfully creative coaching processes, we will discover your purpose and unlock your destiny. We are all incredible beings of light, who may have forgotten our way. This course will support you in rediscovering your authentic voice and inner power while uncovering your greatness. Learn to effectively exercise your innate personal power to think, feel, and choose your way to recovery.

Can We Practice Being Happy?

A wise author said “The basis of life is freedom and the purpose of life is joy. ~Abraham Hicks~ If we subscribed to this idea, I believe this world would be a happier place. To this end, I ask, can happiness be practiced? Humans are born with a wealth of natural talent in various areas in...


Not Being Yourself, Is Identity Theft

Did you know that you are likely, a victim of identity theft? It’s true! In an effort to find that sweet spot of acceptance and fitting in, we become someone else. For some, it has taken a lifetime to reconnect with our inner being or authentic selves. It’s often disguised as searching for our...


Interrupting Fear to See Opportunity

Fear is actually the foundation of most of our human actions. It’s one of three reasons we do anything at all; the 2nd is LOVE and the 3rd is Relief or our desire to feel better! The amazing thing is that all three of these factors, to an untrained mind, can trigger the use and abuse of drugs and...